Jamie Blake Driving Foundation


My view is that performance must be measured because, what gets measured gets done.

To support this philosophy, I operate two performance tools:


The curriculum is a collection of lesson plans that provides the student the technical basis and groundwork of driving. These lesson plans are then individually tailored to each student so they can develop the required skills throughout their driving journey. The intent of this structured approach is to not only pass the test, but also to make them safe drivers for life.


The ‘Student Dashboard’ is a unique system to track goals, progress and achievement throughout the driving journey. A traffic light system is used to chart progress through the curriculum and against individual progress and targets. Progress is updated at the end of each session and this will then support the discussion that will enable the student to decide their next area of development.

The dashboard is accessible online, confidential to each student and can only be seen by myself and the student (or by permission of the student).


“After passing my test with first time with Jamie, we worked together to develop the new measured performance element of his Driving Foundation. Our focus was to develop a new system to monitor and track student progress, and give the student greater control over their learning. Together we created the Curriculum and the Student Dashboard.
Since the initial development of the Dashboard in 2015, the idea has gone through several iterations, each with a focus on providing the best tool to allow the student to be in control of their own learning. The latest iteration has been produced to greater reflect the dynamic approach taken by Jamie during the driving education journey.”

Ben Fernie