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Welcome to the Jamie Blake Driving Foundation website. Your driver training requirements start and finish here. I am an independent Driving and Standards Agency A Grade Driving Instructor based in West Bridgford delivering high quality teaching in the Nottingham area. I have vast experience and my teaching is unique, reliable, planned, trustworthy and client centered to meet your needs. Make contact and I’ll fix a plan for you.

“His driving ethic is unreal so getting behind the wheel of Jamie’s car is probably the best thing any person wanting to learn how to drive could do!”

“Jamie will put you at ease and teach you the only way he knows – the proper way!”

– Andy Warsop

“Jamie completely tailored each lesson to a set of objectives, which really helped me to gain confidence in my driving ability. He ensured that I was competent in all the specific objectives before moving onto the next stage of driving.”

– Finlay Wills

Jamie has taught both my children to drive to a high standard. From a parents perspective Jamie’s care for his students and attention to detail when teaching gives me confidence that they are competent and safe drivers for life. I would highly recommend him.

Ruth Taylor

“I cannot thank Jamie enough for his support, guidance and expertise. I passed both the theory and practical driving test at first attempts and Jamie helped me every step of the way in a calm, confident and crystal clear way.”

– Konan

The care, skill and dedication from Jamie in teaching Toby and Annabel to drive was frankly above and beyond. He took time to get to know their personalities and adapted his approach accordingly to get the best out of them. Of course they were both absolutely delighted to pass their tests at the first attempt, but as parents the most important thing for us is to know that our children, Annabel and Toby, are safe drivers, and Jamie made that his priority.

The Bowles Family

“Jamie inspired me to teach. His lessons are always client-centred and it was lovely to see how his students responded and how much they respect him.”

Mich Willis

My requirement was to hold a full UK Driving Licence. My homeland is in Nigeria. Jamie assessed my driving and put a plan in place to achieve my objective. His expertise is total and he is 100% in all that he does. He teaches in a calm, considered, thoughtful and enjoyable manner.

Once again thank you very much Jamie for your support and love. You have been a huge help!

Stephen Adeniyi Sobulo

“His patience, kindness, passion for teaching and funny stories will keep you going through any challenges you face along the way.”

Helen Forman

“Jamie taught me to drive safely for life and not just pass a test.”

Neve Fonseca

“As parents, we were occasionally allowed to observe our daughter being taught by Jamie and this gave us a great insight into how to improve our own driving. We are looking forward to Jamie teaching our younger son”

Claire Fonseca & Damian Fonseca

“We were also kept updated as to the progress via the spreadsheet that Jamie sent to us after each lesson. This helped us track our son’s progress and support him in between lessons.”

– Simon Wills

The thing I loved and appreciated about learning to drive from Jamie was his consistency and attention to detail. This has in turn made me a confident driver because I know the way I have been shown is the best way to do it. You can see Jamie’s passion and skill for driving and teaching in his lesson which obviously has a positive effect on you as a student,leading to Jamie’s student being safe drivers for life which I think is most important”

– Jack Taylor